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President: Kazuhiko Kinoshita

We HANSHIN are a comprehensive manufacturer of main engines and propulsion systems for ships. We have been developing a variety of products by our unique technology since 1918. With our slogan "Environmental cleanness is the best priority," we have focused on developing environment-friendly main engines.

With our original four-stroke engines and MDT (MAN Diesel and Turbo) two-stroke engines and related equipment and our fully prepared after service network, we have been responding to various customers’ requests.

Based on the previous mid-term management plan "Steady Innovation & Evolution 100", we have released the electronically controlled two and four stroke diesel engines developed to improve fuel oil consumption and the LA26 type has been newly added to the LA-model lineup. Furthermore, we have developed the world's first four-stroke low speed gas engine. Using gas fuel achieves clean exhaust gas much more than heavy fuel oil and it becomes environmentally friendly engine.
On January 2018, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the company’s founding. We regard this year as a very important turning point to challenge continuously for the next 100 years based on that 100 year history.
We formulated our mid-term management plan “Next Stage 2020”over 3 years from 2018. We will pursue high efficiency to enhance the company value and make an effort to bring all our customers “Security and Satisfaction”

With our basic principle that we contribute to society based on the high expertise for manufacturing, we HANSHIN will always make an effort to meet your reliabilities and expectations.

We hope to receive your continuous support and patronage in the future.

Yours sincerely,
Kazuhiko Kinoshita

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