Company Profile

Corporate Philosophy

Contributing to society as a base of manufacturing

We have had this concept as our corporate philosophy, based on which we have made original products for more than 100 years.
Since 1929 when we produced diesel engines for the first time, we have advanced “Monozukuri (or manufacturing)” with the time.
During the high growth period in Japan , we pursued a high output and high efficiency to meet the demands of that time, and we sought to produce energy saving engines after the oil crisis. After the burst of Japan’s economic bubble, we have made low cost products with economic efficiency and made them more rational.
And now, we are manufacturing clean engines that deal with NOx by bringing global environment into perspective.
We are the company that strives for creating confortable society through Monozukuri (manufacturing).

Environment・Technical Skills ・Tradition

Our mission

We aim at offering original technical skills and after-sale service to obtain satisfaction from our customers through our consistent business activities from developing and shipping diesel engines for vessels and peripheral devices to offering the inspection and maintenance of our products.
We seek to live up to our stakeholders’ trust and expectations for an extended period of time by shipping products that meet the need of the market of domestic and foreign shipping and fishing industries.

Our motto

Principle of conforming article

We aim to offer products with high credibility and quality so that our customers can use them with a sense of security for an extended period of time.

Kindness in the first place

We strive to set a high value on trust with our customers and clients. In our company, we try not to render futile our colleagues’ valuable time.

Cultivation of personality and training of techniques

We always pursue our studies, improve our own technical skills, refine our personality, and cooperate with each other in order to contribute to the development of society.

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