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  • Overview of history
  • 1948~1964
  • 1965~1988
  • 1989~
1918 Established the Hanshin Ironworks Co., Ltd. for making and selling oil engines
1929 Started making and selling diesel engines
1937 Completed the Z6K800PS engine, Hanshin’s first original engine
1944 Changed the trade name to the current one - the Hanshin Diesel Works, Ltd.
1953 Received a permission by the Minister of Transport to show the Japanese Industrial Standards on internal-combustion engines for small vessels as the first company in this industry
1955 Be listed on the Osaka Stock Exchange
1956 Started making and selling controllable pitch propellers
1960 Started making and selling industrial machinery such as all sorts of dust collection, gas treatment equipment, and hydraulic equipment
1962 Constructed a plant in the current Kisaki area in Akashi City as a specialized factory for industrial machinery
1965 Constructed a diesel engine plant in Akashi Plant
Merged with the Kinoshita Ironworks Co., Ltd.
1967 Extended Tamatsu Plant with a casting plant
1978 Moved headquarters to the current place and sold Kobe Plant (in Nagata)
Extended Akashi Plant by putting the diesel engine department together
1986 Made a business alliance with the Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. and started manufacturing the Kawasaki-MAN B&W 2-stroke engines on commission
1990 Became an official member of the New Production System
1992 Achieved 10,000,000 PS in total for diesel engines developed by ourselves
1995 Acquired approval toward the ISO9001/JISZ9901 quality system for the diesel engine department
1999 Acquired a written expert opinion regarding NK’s NOx for the first time for low speed 4-stroke engines
2008 Developed the “electronic control system for low speed 4-stroke engines” with the Nabtesco Co., Ltd.
2009 Constructed a new plant in Harima cho, Hyogo prefecture
2011 Acquires quality management system of ISO14001
2013 HANSHIN'S stock was listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange with the merger of Tokyo and Osaka stock Exchange
2015 Completed the world's first electronically controlled four-stroke low speed diesel engine
2018 Celebrated 100th anniversary of the company's founding
2018 Completed the world's first four-stroke low speed gas engine
  • Overview of history
  • 1948~1964
  • 1965~1988
  • 1989~
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