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All plants and all sales branch acquire ISO14001 and JISQ 14001.

The Hanshin Diesel Works Ltd. have constructed an environment management system based on a concept of “people- and environment-friendly corporate activities” to contribute to development of society as a member of community by actively promoting reduction of environmental problems and its continuous improvement.

  • Based on the international standard of ISO14001, we construct an environment management system and strive for environmental protection and environmental conservation as well as continuous improvement for it.
  • We strictly follow regulations of environmental pertinent law and other requirements to prevent pollution of environment.
  • In order to achieve our environmental policy, we set up purposes and goals regarding environmental matters in regard with notable environmental aspects, and all plants and offices tackle this issue and go over it regularly.
  • We tackle the following issues predominantly through our business activities with consideration for environment.
    • Saving energy and resources to prevent exhaustion of natural resources
    • Prevention of contamination by managing facilities, etc.
    • Reduction of wastes and recycling
  • We carry out risk management in order to prevent and mitigate influences on environment in case of emergency.
  • We make public and disclose our environmental policy to every person working for the company.

Dec 18, 2017
Hanshin Diesel Works, Ltd.
Kazuhiko Kinoshita

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