Low Speed 4-stroke Diesel Engine: LA Series

  • LA series has been improved by making longer strokes than others and by making directly connecting to slowly rotating crankshaft.
  • LA series uses fuel-efficient marine engines to take into account low NOx emission (lowering CO2).
  • LA series reduces noise and prevents dispersing oil by adopting hydraulics valve system.
  • Less surface abrasion of cylinder liner and reduction of lubricating oil consumption by putting up L-save ring on cylinder liner.

Low Speed 4-stroke Diesel Engine: LA Series

Model Number of cylinders Output (kW) Speed (min-1) Cylinder bore (mm) Stroke (mm)
LA28G 6 1323 330 280 590
LA32G 6 1618 280 320 680
LA32G 6 1618 310 320 680
LA34(G) 6 1765 260 340 720
LA34(G) 6 1912 270 340 720

※Models with a “G” is the diesel engine equipped with a reversing gearbox.

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