Peripheral devices

Fuel Oil Fine Filters

  • Features a high-performance, large-capacity filter element capable of capturing over 95% of sludge particles as small as 2μm.
  • A mixer that achieves uniform quality helps to extend the fine filter element’s life and maintain engine performance.


Model FG10(A) FG20(A) FG30(A) FG40(A)
Oil processing capacity 1.0m³/h max. 2.0m³/h max. 3.0m³/h max. 4.1m³/h max.
Filtration level 2μm
Operating temperature (max.) 150℃
Operating pressure (max.) 0.6MPa 1.0MPa
Test pressure 0.9MPa 1.5Mpa
Filter tank volume (approx.) 140L 190L 240L
Heating system (electric) 320W 380W 500W
Height 955mm 1190mm 1533mm
Body diameter 620mm
Height required for element removal 1333mm 1802mm 1804mm 2229mm
Applicable engine output 2500kW 4650kW 4500kW 6500kW
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